Fem Facial Wax Strip Sensitive Skin 20 Strips

  • HAIR GRIP TECHNOLOGY. Unique Hair Grip Technology actively grips short hair without irritating the skin. Strawberry helps to soothe and nourish skin
  • FORMULATED FOR FACIAL SKIN- Facial skin is delicate and sensitive, Fem Wax Strip is especially formulated for delicate facial skin
  • POST-WAX WIPES. Remove any wax residue on skin with FREE POST-WAX WIPES. Infused with essential oils, enjoy a smooth waxing finish and pleasant frgrance
  • EXFOLIATES AND MOISTURIZES. Enjoy long-lasting smoothness for up to 24 hours. Fem Wax Strips also mildly exfoliates, removes tan and reveals a smoother, hair-free and glowing skin
  • DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED. Dermatologically tested and provides smoothness for up to 24 hours

Product Descriptions

Depletion In seconds that gives long lasting silky, smooth skin! Waxing is no more a hassle with Fem Facial Wax Strips. Enriched with strawberry, it gently removes hair from the root, without causing any irritation and soothes skin. The unique hair