Dabur Herbal Smokers Toothpaste, 150 gms + Toothbrush Free

  • NATURAL TOOTHPASTE. Dabur Herbal Smokers Toothpaste is formulated with a unique blend of specialised herbs that covers all common segments of dental care 
  • STAIN REMOVAL. It contains Salt & Blackberry Bark that helps remove yellow stains, prevents plaque formatation and Strengthens Gums
  • WHITENS TEETH. The Salt & Lemon helps in removing stains to give a Sparkling White Teeth
  • FRESH BREATH. In addition to this, it contains mint that helps provides fresh breath
  • NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS. Contains No Fluoride or any Harmful Chemicals

Product Descriptions

Dabur Herbal Smokers Toothpaste is a natural toothpaste that contains no fluoride or any harmful chemicals, that helps fight 8 signs of Smokers teeth. With Dabur toothpaste, you can say Hello to Strong and Healthy Teeth.