Dabur Vatika Sanitizing Pine Oil and Olive Body Wash, 425 ml

  • ALCOHOL FREE. Alcohol free santising body wash enriched with bacteria fighting Pine Oil, which is a germ fighting super ingredient and known to fight against illness caushing germs
  • LONG-LASTING PROTECTION. Enjoy long lasting moisturization with natural Olive extracts. Keeps skin moisturized for upto 12 hours
  • MILD AND GENTLE ON SKIN. Mild and all natural germ fighting oils and ingredients is safe on skin and is suitable for kids as well. It gently cleanses the skin, leabing it sanitized and refreshed
  • RICH LATHER. Rich lather forming formula reaches deeply cleanes each part of the body from within

Product Descriptions

With the new Vatika Santising Body Wash,keep germs away with the power of Pine Oil and enjoy long-lasting moisture with Olive. Pine Oil is known as a super ingredient for fighting bacteria and viruses such as Salmonella, H1N1 and a variety of other i