Vatika Shampoo Repair & Restore 600 + 100 ml free

  • NATURAL MOISTURIZER FOR HAIR - honey can help restore the natural luster of your hair. Vatika Repair And Restore Shampoo instantly detangles, and reduces frizz
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS - This shampoo contains the two most vital ingredients for excessive hair care. our special formula along with Honey and egg result in curbing hair fall, nourishing your hair and keeping it soft and healthy
  • RESTRICTS HAIR LOSS - Use of protein-enriched eggs helps in making the hair follicle stronger. It stimulates the scalp, strengthening the hair roots. Stronger hair is less expected to break and fall

Product Descriptions

Vatika Repair And Restore Shampoo is created specially for those with dry ends and damaged hair which needs that excessive hair care, deep conditioning and nourishment. Our natural ingredients will repair brittle and fine hair, making it healthy and