Vatika Enriched Hair Oil Soft & Shine 300 ml

  • ULTIMATE HAIR CARE - Due to our frequent use of commercial shampoos and styling products, we lose the natural oil, and our hair becomes rough and brittle. The good news is that we can restore the oil by applying Vatika Almond Enriched Hair Oil to our hair and by using it regularly our hair will grow shiny and long
  • NATURAL INGRIDIENTS: Almond, Sesame & Coconut Oil
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: dry and frizzy hair, gives a softness and shine

Product Descriptions

Vatika Almond Enriched Hair Oil helps revive the hair damage, it contains nourishing extracts of Almond, Sesame & Coconut Oil. Its unique formulation helps soften, moisturize and conditions the hair. It Controls the damage which is caused by blow dry