DermoViva Antibacterial wipes with Aloe Vera Extracts 20pc - Pack of 4

  • KILLS 99.9% GERMS. DermoViva Antibacterial Wipes with Aloe Vera extract instantly kills 99.9% germs without the use of Soap & Water
  • GENTLE ON YOUR HANDS. With its Non-sticky & Rinse-free fromula of Aloe Vera extract, it is gentle on your hands giving it a soft touch
  • GREAT FRAGRANCE. It leaves behind a lovely pleasant smell on your hands or any surface
  • COMPLETE PROTECTION. Provides protection on the go to ensure Safety and Hygiene
  • PORTABLE SIZE. You can use it anywhere, anyplace, anytime be it at Work, at Home, During Daily Commute 
  • EASY TO USE. Open re-sealable label to pull out wipe, then carefully wipe Skin or Surface to clean
  • OTHER APPLICATIONS. Can be effectively used to disinfect Door Knobs, Surfaces and Devices

Product Descriptions

DermoViva Antibacterial Wipes contains Natural Extracts of Aloe Vera with Antibacterial properties that immediately fight against harmful germs, killing them instantly. These wipes are easy to use and effectively cover all corners thereby keeping you