Fem USA Hair Removal Cream- Gold 110 gms

  • ENRICHED WITH REAL GOLD PARTICLES. Fem Hair Removal Cream's formula contains the goodness of real Gold, which help to brighten skin and leaves it shining like gold. It also provides a pleasant floral fragrance, as contrary to other hair removal creams 
  • ENJOY UP TO 48 HOURS OF SMOOTHNESS. The cream weakens the hair, and a few minutes is all it takes to achieve silk soft skin
  • AFTER REMOVAL SOOTHING GEL. Contains After Removal Soothing gel for long lasting smoothness

Product Descriptions

Fem Hair Removal cream is the perfect solution to hair-free, smooth skin within minutes. Infused with the goodness of real gold, helps soothe the skin, and boosts skin health to bring out inner glow. Enjoy days of smoothness and hydrated skin at you